I also posted this on BackyardChickens.com.  That site was a wealth of knowledge during this project.

chicken coop

Teresa has been wanting chickens for a while...so when she came across some chicks on Craigslist being sold by someone in Hamel, she bought 9.

So obviously I had to start work on a chicken coop.

For temporary housing, we had a large cardboard box from a battery operated car we got for our kids for xmas.  I cut a hole in the top and covered it with a mesh dome from our copper burn bowl.  They ended up living in there for a few weeks while I worked on the coop...and they got big...quick.

Teresa sent me some photos and links to chicken coops that she liked, so I took some ideas from them and got to work.

It took a few weeks+ to get it done, but it turned out great!  ...and Teresa approves!! (which, really...is all that matters)




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