The Road

Some photos of the "after" when we repaired the separated culvert on Saturday.

I'm kicking myself for not taking some "before" and "during" photos...oh well.

Pretty much all of the disturbed mud you see was dug out and we were down in there, knee deep in mud, working.  So yeah...messy.

The plan is to smooth it out when it dries up a bit and put in some rip rap rock to clean it up and stop any erosion into the pond.



It's starting to look like a driveway now.
Today the base layer of rock was spread over the membrane.
A drainage pipe was installed under a portion of the driveway, I'm not sure where that's going to drain to as of yet.
Another layer of rock will go on top of this layer, and that will be it for the driveway.

Well, the rock for the driveway finally came.
The membrane was put down to discourage grass and weeds from eventually coming through, and we're told this helps with water runoff as well.  Now if they could just spread the rock around, the driveway should be about done.

Today, we also finally closed on the construction loan.  So it's really up to our contractor and the people he hires as to how fast things go now.  I really just want to get the ground excavated for the house and the foundation poured before it gets cold and stays cold.

After all of the planning and design layout changes that we've been slowly working on for over a year now, we've finally broken least on the road leading up to what will be our new home.

The road has been scraped out and the rock should be brought in today or tomorrow.

We raised and widened the bridge portion of the road and lengthened the waterflow pipe that runs underneath the bridge.  The road runs out to the far edge of the land, up the hill and ends about where the garage will be.

I also had the hill by the lake scraped down in a few spots so it wasn't so steep to cut with a mower.

Exciting stuff...I know.